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NanoZyme CLEAN 420 Remove Odors From Growing Cannabis, Naturally and Safely

Nanozyme Technologies reports:


The long search for what makes cannabis smell skunky is over.


Now we know, it's not about terpenes when cannabis grow odors are most offensive.


In two separate papers from two different science groups with help from the University of Iowa, using similar methodologies and technologies , the answer has been found after diligent work and study.

It's called thiols, a sulfur based molecule that creates the offensive skunky odor in cannabis grows.


As published in the American Chemical Society cited studies, Doctors Koziel and Oswald et al, using parallel gas chromatography, Mass spectrometry and other sophisticated instrumentation, found MBT123 is the culprit. 

The T is for Thiols.

Thiols have been hiding behind primary and secondary odor constituents, making them hard to find, but now the search is over and the answer is in.

To those in organic material based industries , sulfur based molecules have always been a primary odor concern. Usually referred to as a rotten egg smell, but can take on different odor profiles, none pleasant, when combined with other constituents, like hydrogen.

H2S is its most common form, but many others exist.


The Solution:

Nanozyme Technologies is the best solution for this odor issue, as it attacks the ionic sulfur bonds, breaking them, and destroying the odor they cause.

NZT has been safely used for decades in odor control solutions, especially challenging sulfur-based compounds, like H2S, mercaptans, and yes, thiols.


We feel our technology is the best and safest available technology for suppressing cannabis grow odors and especially sulfur-based compounds found therein.


NZT is an ionic donor receptor catalytic enzyme consortium specially formulated from food grade materials for odor control.

Further, we assert that this is the safest available technology, and specifically for organic and plant-based odors. It is personnel and environmentally safe.

Nanozyme CLEAN 420 SDS is available below.


Citations and scientific papers available on request.

Our thanks to Doctors J. Koziel and Oswald for their excellent discovery and published work. 

Also thanks to the University of Iowa and their strong assistance in this effort.


Respectfully Submitted,

Elliott I. Moorhead


Nanozyme Technologies

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