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FINALLY! A Natural Solution for Eliminating Hydrogen Sulfide and

Other Toxic Odors is Here!

NanoZyme Family of Products is a low cost and highly efficient product
used to eliminate noxious odors. 


  • Reduced Downtime – Eliminates H2S quickly and efficiently to save time and money.

  • Versatile – Deployment of system is custom designed to meet specific site requirements.

  • Small Footprint – Compact versatile equipment used for applications.

  • Low Energy Use – Less energy is required to propel product vapor than would be needed to conduct a liquid through a high-pressure system.

  • Low Product Consumption – Vapor delivery uses much less product per hour than liquid delivery systems. 

  • Long Hang Time – Sub-micron particle vapor suspends in air to counteract airborne pollutants for far longer periods of time than with conventional liquid delivery systems.

  • Diverse – Product works in an open or closed air environment.

  • Eco-Friendly Chemistry - Does not harm equipment and electronics.

  • Non‑Toxic, Non‑Hazardous, Safe for the Environment - This product is readily biodegradable according to OECD Method, Modified Sturm Test. Complies with:  HAZARDOUS WASTE BIOASSAY SCREENING REPORT ACCORDING TO US DEPT. OF FISH AND GAME.

  • Product complies with all known regulatory considerations and is unregulated and not listed as a Hazmat by any agency.

Made In U.S.A
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(1) Biocatalytic Enzymes interact with pollutants

(2) Binds with them  

(3) Then breaks them apart

Once the chemical reaction occurs the biocatalytic agents are freed to continue to interact further with the remaining pollutant.


Any of our NanoZyme CLEAN products are typical of any multiple enzyme system and exhibits Michaelis-Menton reaction kinetics.  This is to say that the reaction velocity (i.e. rate of increase in product concentration) reaches a maximum independent of further increase in substrate concentration.  In simple terms, this means that the rate at which the reaction occurs is dependent on the number of active enzyme sites - not on the concentration of the substrate.


When the product reaches a steady state when all of its active sites are occupied and catalyzing the reaction. This is important because this means that our products are self-regulating, and the reaction rate is modulated through the super-structure of any of our NanoZyme CLEAN products.






  • All of our  NanoZyme CLEAN products are comprised of a family of low molecular weight proteins that act as biological and chemical catalysts.

  • They are active in their attack of susceptible chemical bonds such as carbon-carbon, hydrocarbon, ketone, aldehyde, and hydro-sulfide bonds

  • Any of our NanoZyme CLEAN products allows for rapid vaporization through sub-micron particles that hang in the air for a long period of time through our Enzyme Vaporization Unit.

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